Do you offer any prints of your paintings?

A: At this moment in time, I have made the decision to only sell my paintings in their original form. In the past I have provided some paintings as art cards, but do not anticipate offering any larger prints. While the original painting may be sold, I still reserve the copyright to each piece with regards to printing, marketing and reproductions.

I have something specific in mind. Do you offer commissions?

A: After having received this question many times, my answer is still maybe. I am happy to discuss what you are looking for and how flexible your vision is. I am not a photographic painter and the majority of my work remains fairly unstructured and expressive. It is for this reason that I only accept commissions that are seeming to suit my style. As I never want to disappoint anyone!

What is your return policy?

A: If you are unsure of a larger piece and you live locally, please ask to try the piece in your home. I do not offer refunds on my original artwork due to the sensitivity of the media. I am always happy to assist in your buying decisions should you need advice.

Can I hang my piece in a sunny room without having the painting fade?

A: Yes! I finish all my paintings with a UV Satin finish. This is essentially a protectant from dirt, dust and sun exposure. 

Can I hang the original artwork in my bathroom?

A: I do not recommend hanging artwork you care about in the bathroom. Humidity and heat are not friends of stretched canvas. While your painting may survive, I am not one to recommend this. The only exception that could be ok is a powder room where no shower or bath exists.

How should I transport my painting?

A: The biggest concern when transporting a canvas painting, especially one of a large scale, is denting and bumps. Ideally, you would want to cover both sides completely in cardboard. At the minimum I would suggest placing the canvas on a blanket lined flat surface with nothing to be placed on top of the painting. Anything placed or putting pressure on the canvas from above or below will leave a dent or could potentially rip the canvas.

If I get a small dent in the painting, is there any way to fix this?

A: It depends. If the dent is accessible from the back of the canvas and is not too deep, you may be able to fix it. To do this you would very carefully place the canvas face down on a flat surface.  With a slightly damp and clean wash cloth, you want to gently moisten the canvas where the dent is. After moistening the spot, you want to take a blow dryer on a low setting and dry the spot in circles. You don't want to hover in one spot as you could burn the canvas. Just move the dryer in small circles until the canvas is dry.  If it still has a slight dent, you may need to repeat the process stated above multiple times.